Tobacco processing and packaging requires a variety of cutting applications

Tobacco processing and packaging requires a variety of cutting applications. Having the right tobacco cutting knives is critical to keeping production running smoothly and efficiently. If you’re looking for a reliable source of tobacco blades and filter cutting knives, GOODE CARBIDE has the premium quality products you need at competitive prices.

We carry a broad range of standard options configured to your specifications and can custom design and produce a solution with minimal lead times. Our tobacco cutting blades are made in the China at Hunan, Zhuzhou. PA facility and deliver lasting performance with low maintenance requirements to further improve your bottom line.


Whether you’re an end user or original equipment manufacturer (OEM), our experienced team will work with you to deliver the most efficient cutting solutions. We offer cutting blades for virtually every stage of tobacco processing as well as for filter cutting, film slitting and packaging of cigarettes, cigars and other products. Our tobacco cutting knives are designed with the materials, tooth patterns and other attributes to fit your specific cutting needs.

Within our selection you’ll find:

  • Straight Knives: We provide primary tobacco processing blades for just about any machine or applications. Our straight tobacco cutting knives come in materials such as M-2, solid carbide, stainless steel and others and can be configured for cutting, chopping and dicing.
  • Cutoff Knives: Our cutoff blades or “guillotine knives” are ideal for packaging, converting and processing of tobacco products. We offer filter cutting knives with a swing-style operation that stay sharp to continue to provide precision results.
  • Band Knives: From slitting film to packaging and paper, our band knives are manufactured to get the job done right. Band knives and toothless band saws can be custom produced with lead times 50 to 70 percent faster than other suppliers.
  • Tray Knives: If you’re looking for a custom edge for tray forming, packaging and converting tasks, York Saw and Knife has you covered. We provide tray knife solutions tailored to your specific industry.
  • Our custom blades can be used for practically every cutting application involved with the tobacco industry.


    Choose a partner with over 100 years of experience in designing, making and manufacturing premium quality knives and blades. We can accommodate orders of all sizes and provide a fast turnaround on custom requests