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What's tungsten carbide
About tungsten carbide
Tungsten Carbide is a kind of very hard and wear resistant material produced with powder metal process, it is normally referred to as hard metal in Europe. Tungsten carbide consists of hard phase (such as WC, TiC, TaC, VC and Cr3Cr2) and metal binding phase (such as Co, Ni and Fe, etc.). It combines the high hardness and good wear resistance of carbide phase and sufficient mechanical property and heat shock resistance of metal binding phase and has been widely used in many aspects


FAQs Tungsten Carbide
What is the difference between cemented and tungsten carbide?
Cemented carbides consist of hard grains of the carbides of transition metals (Ti, V, Cr, Zr, Mo, Hf, Ta, and/or W) cemented or bound together by a softer metallic binder consisting of Co, Ni, and/or Fe (or alloys of these metals). Tungsten carbide (WC), on the other hand, is a compound of W and C. Since most of the commercially important cemented carbides are based on WC as the hard phase, the terms "cemented carbide" and "tungsten carbide" are often used interchangeably

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