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Goode Carbide has been providing high-qulity powder metallurgy materials for over 20 years. Tungsten carbide (Hardmetal) and Tungsten Heavy Alloys (W-Ni-Fe or W-Ni-Cu or others) are our specialties. We are ISO 9001:2000 certified.

Goode Carbide work with nine factories through joint stock method and have been established the cooperation partnership of production and marketing. Each factory has their own key products.

Tungsten Carbide:
Factory 1: carbide rods, carbide bars

Factory 2: cold forging dies, carbide disc, carbide mining bits, plates, carbide tyre nails 
Factory 3: carbide drawing dies.
Factory 4: inserts, shims, woodworking tools, saw tips, percussive drill tip
Factory 5: carbide burrs.
Factory 6: carbide balls & seats.
Factory 7: carbide ceramic tile cutter.
Factory 8: mining tools.

Tungsten Heavy Alloys:
Factory 9: balls, cubes, counterweights, fishing weights, bucking bars, rods, ballast, golf culb weights, crankshaft weights, X-ray shields, nuclear components.

Goode Carbide's high-quality products are widely used in metal cutting, wear parts, moulds, mining, woodworking, electronic, semi-conductor, aerospace, military, nuclear radiation, petroleum-chemistry, machinery industries.

Goode Carbide have a team of qualified engineers, metallurgists and skilled sales team with a wealth of experience within this specialised industry, give a fast response to enquiries and advising on the optimum material for your application and on techniques for further processing. We are providing a high degree of technical assistance and being focused on customer needs. Our dedicated and experienced workforce is committed to quality and understands the needs of our customers


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