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Tungsten Sheilding

Tungsten alloy has very excellent behavior in shielding against X rays and gamma radiation. Tungsten has 60% better in shielding against X rays and gamma radiation(for this, it can reduce the shielding component).
Tungsten also has another characteristic, very high melting point. By this, it can be used in high temperature which can not be used with lead, for example nuclear scrap container.
Due to its unique characteristics, people use tungsten alloy in nuclear medcine, radiation sheilding, such as collimator, nuclear shielding, beamstop, PET syringe shield, vial shield,

Nuclear medicine--Positron emission tomography (PET), injection of FDG (a glucose-based radionuclide) from a shielded syringe into the patient including PET tungsten syringe shield
tungsten vial shield, tungsten FDG transport container collimator for gamma camera
Nuclear medicine--Radiotherapy, using two rows of very thin tungsten alloy plates (Multi leaf collimator) to irradiate tumour by beams of radiation accurately.
protecting the patient and medical staff against unneccessary radiation

tungsten shielding is used to protect workers from the radioactive sources of the scanner used in security and aerodrome, coach stop, etc..

Tungsten alloy is also used in the equipment of industrial radiography, pipe-line inspection(collimator or radiation shielding ).

With nearly developped technology, people find powder metallurgy is the best way in producing tungsten component. Our advanced metal injection molding or metal press molding method can make tungsten component in cheapest way in mass production. Even no need for machining and without wasting anything in production, this is special outstanding advantage when tungsten becoming more and more expensive. Tungsten is a special local product of China, theoretically we can produce any tunsten product at most economic way in our company. You are welcome to discuss the product detail with us.


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