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Tungsten Bucking Bars

What is bucking bar?

Bucking bar is a work tool received behind work surfaces to provide a backing member in applying impact fasteners and including intermitted toolhead and handle parts with a low-recoil impact-absorbing spacer provided there between to take shock loads in compression and shear.

Bucking bars are used on the backside of a metal rivet to counter the force of the hammering on the other side. They also can be used to absorb the force of rivet guns, reducing the vibration of bucking.

Bucking bars used to form bucktails on rivets. And come in many different shapes and sizes. They are normally made from an alloy steel similar to tool steel. The particular shape to be used depends upon the location and accessibility of the rivet to be driven. 

The size and weight of the bar depend on the size and alloy of the rivet to be driven. Under certain circumstances, and for specific rivet installations, specially designed bucking bars are manufactured locally.

Make your job easier!

Our bucking bars are 50% more dense than lead and over twice the density of steel!
Higher density reduces vibration and kick back while bucking. Take a cue from the pros and use what they use.
We carry a full line of standard bars and can custom build bars to your specifications.

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