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Tungsten Balls

Our tungsten balls are fully sintered solids, machined and polished to any surface finish specifications. These are perfect spheres without any evidence of a split line.


We can supply high density tungsten alloy balls in various
sizes from 2mm-100mm in blanks or finished machining, denpend on your requirement.

Our density is up to 18.0g/cc-18.5g/cc

This kinds of WHA balls are widely used in fishing, military,

weapon, and other special industry.

When inquiring please specify the following:

  • Material: (E.g. Tungsten alloy W -92%, Copper-Tungsten alloy, etc.)
  • Material density: We manufacture parts with a maximum density of 18.5 g/cc
  • Sphere dimension: We manufacture spheres from 2 mm to 100 mm (3/32" - 4") diameter
  • Surface finish
  • Order quantity
  • Estimated annual demand
  • Special packing requirements: All prices are quoted delivered to your plant.
  • Price base: Please specify if parts are to be imported by air or sea.
  • Application






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